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Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status Attorneys Located in Manhattan

When a person needs the authorization to live and work in the United States permanently, they will try and achieve permanent residency. An Adjustment of Status will help an individual achieve permanent residency while within the United States. Once a person attains permanent residency, they must carry their green card, which is the documentation for their residency. In order to adjust one’s status and obtain a green card, he or she must reside within the United States and meet certain criteria. There are many reasons to apply for a green card. The process can be complicated and document-heavy. Consulting with an experienced attorney is always in your best interests. Contact Katona & Associates, PLLC for a consultation.

Am I Eligible?

Gavel and FlagThere are many reasons why you may be eligible for an Adjustment of Status. These can include family, employment, refugee or asylum, or special programs, including country-based humanitarian causes. If you believe that you fit into one of these categories, contact our office to discuss more and find out if you are eligible for an Adjustment of Status.

What Are the Benefits of Adjustment of Status?

One of the greatest benefits of taking this route to gain permanent residency is that you can file for an Adjustment of Status application alongside immediate relative green card petitions. In addition, while your application is being processed, you are allowed to stay in the United States, you can apply for employment authorization, and you can appeal a denied application while staying in the country. If you are hoping to adjust your status within the United States, allow our firm to walk you through the process.

Understanding the Adjustment of Status Process

The process of an adjustment of status can take several months to more than a year to complete. It often requires biometrics; a way to identify people. During a biometrics appointment, they will take your fingerprints and photograph. Some cases call for them to take DNA in situations where applicants are from developing countries and do not have birth certificates or other situations of discrepancies. You will undergo a medical examination to review your immunizations, any mental or physical disorders, and evaluate you for communicable diseases. You will be subject to a formal review, including a criminal background check. Having committed certain crimes can impact or even prevent your citizenship. If the person petitioning is the spouse of a U.S. citizen, that person will also most likely be interviewed and need to demonstrate proof of a valid marriage. If you leave the United States while your application is pending, it can negatively impact the process. Visas are limited for certain family members of U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and employment cases. You may not receive an immigration visa number right away. Years could pass between when your application is approved and the Department of State provides you with an immigration visa number.

Contact an Adjustment of Status Attorney

Katona & Associates, PLLC is proud to work with clients hoping to obtain permanent residency in the United States. If you are in the United States and need our help attaining an adjustment of status, contact our Manhattan law firm for a consultation. We are ready to help you reach your goals and get an immigrant visa number. Contact Katona & Associates, PLLC today.

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"Before I decided to hire David as my immigration attorney, I made thorough research online and I can say that I don’t regret a second that I made the right choice to choose him to represent me as my immigration attorney to apply for my green card. From day one, he was very helpful and patient. I asked him lots of questions during the application process and he provided me always great advice. I am definitely recommending David to every person who needs legal advice. He was very helpful." Alper
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