Green Card and Social Security Number Applications Now in One

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Green Card and Social Security Number Applications Now in One

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced this month that immigrants that are applying for a green card within the United States can now also apply for a Social Security number all through the same application. This new policy of morphing the green card and Social Security number applications has made this normally extensive process much easier for immigrants.

Before the USCIS made this change, applicants had to apply for their Social Security number separately through the Social Security office. In order to mesh these two applications together, the USCIS has updated their Form I-485 which is the application for Adjustment Status to include an additional question asking whether or not the applicant would like to apply for their only Social Security number.

If you have questions regarding this new change and how it may affect your immigration status or process, contact our experienced New York immigration law firm today. At Katona & Associates, our legal team is committed to helping you navigate through this process as smoothly as possible. Continue reading to learn more about this new application and how it might affect you:

Why are green card and Social Security number applications now in one?

According to USCIS Director Ur Jaddou, this expansion in the USCIS’s partnership with the Social Security administration has further shown the USCIS’S commitment to operating the United States’ immigration system more efficiently and in ways to save applicants’ time. Ur Jaddou also stated that “eliminating necessary bureaucracy and optimizing collaboration across public-serving agencies is a key priority for this agency and the Biden-Harris administration.”

If you have questions regarding the new application process, contact our New York immigration law firm today to discuss your specific needs and how our legal experts can best address them.

What is the process of applying through the modified Form I-485?

Applicants will have until October 13, 2021, to submit either the new or previous version of Form I-485, and after that, the new version of the form will need to be submitted from then on.

Once Form I-485 is submitted, the Social Security Administration will issue the applicant a Social Security number or replacement card. The government filing fee is the same price, which is $1,225.

If you have questions or concerns about this process or anything related to Form I-485, our experienced New York immigration attorneys at Katona & Associates are here to help you.


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