President Trump to Suspend Immigration to United States During Coronavirus Crisis

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President Trump to Suspend Immigration to United States During Coronavirus Crisis

On Tuesday, April 21, President Trump announced his executive order to halt immigration to the United States in response to the Coronavirus pandemic that has impacted people all over the world. It is important to know that the executive order will not be permanent and it will not impact all immigration. Instead, the suspension will be for 60 days, blocking green card recipients from moving to the country. It will continue to allow temporary workers on nonimmigrant visas to enter. In addition to this, the President stated that seasonal farm laborers would not be affected. 

The executive order came soon after Trump declared his intentions to protect the United States from the threat of foreigners bringing the Coronavirus into the country as well as to curb the economic damage that has happened as a result. As of now, the order is still being written to finalize the details, according to President Trump, and should be signed before the end of the week. After the 60 days have passed, whether or not a modification is needed will be evaluated based on the economic conditions of the country.

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