Trump Administration to Conduct a Review of Ending DACA

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Trump Administration to Conduct a Review of Ending DACA

One of the campaign points President Trump ran for office on was the plan to end the DACA Program. The program provided temporary protection to qualified individuals who came to the country illegally as children. After the President’s authority to reverse the program was questioned, the Supreme Court ruled that it would be unconstitutional to do so. For many, this was a relief that DACA recipients and applicants could continue a life in the United States. 

However, President Trump’s administration recently stated that a “comprehensive review” of the program would be taking place. In a memo released by acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, DACA recipients that were originally able to renew their status for two years will only be able to do so for one year, and first-time applicants to the program will no longer be accepted. While this suggests the administration is still working to rescind the program, they do not plan on doing so before the election takes place in November.. 

In response to the continued efforts to end DACA, there have been mixed reviews. Many individuals are in favor of the ruling while others disagree with the decision. An attorney who worked against eliminating DACA in the Supreme Court,  Mark Rosenbaum, stated,”We obviously have no choice but to go back to court. It was illegal the first time, and now it’s a constitutional crisis. It’s as if a Supreme Court decision was written with invisible ink.” While no one can know what the future of the DACA program will be moving forward, it is clear that the Trump administration still has intentions to end it.

If you have any questions about how these decisions may impact your immigration status, or questions about DACA in general, please reach out to our firm for further information. We are proud to assist many individuals through the immigration process and are eager to do so for you as well. 

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