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Learning that a loved one is facing deportation from the United States can feel overwhelming for the entire family. If an individual is out of status or has been arrested for committing a crime, they can be subject to immigration detention and removal. Anyone who is facing this uncertain future should be sure to retain the services of an experienced deportation defense attorney who can fight to protect your future and stay in the United States. For over 20 years, Katona & Associates, PLLC has proudly defended clients throughout New York City who are facing deportation. If you need a legal team that can effectively examine your case and represent your interests, contact Katona & Associates, PLLC today.

Reason for Deportation

Many people in the United States are living in fear of being deported. While this is certainly understandable given today’s climate, it is important to ensure that you are educated about the possible reasons that you may be removed from the United States. These reasons include:

  • Criminal acts such as homicide, some drug crimes, robbery, theft/larceny, rape, assault, fraud, and more.
  • Violations of immigration law including unlawful entry, marriage fraud, fraudulent immigration documents, overstaying your visa, and more.

Cancellation of Removal

Individuals who are being detained and facing deportation may be able to file for a Cancellation of Removal. This can be done if the individual lived in the United States for 10 years, has not been convicted of crimes of moral turpitude, and has a good moral character. If the individual is deported and their legal permanent resident spouse, parents, or children would suffer extreme hardship, they may also file for Cancellation of Removal. It is important to note that this is very rarely issued and it is essential that you have strong legal representation every step of the way.

How can our firm help you with deportation?

If you or a loved one is facing deportation and removal from the United States, it is essential to retain the services of a legal team that can effectively explore all possible legal options and will fight to protect your future. Katona & Associates, PLLC can assist you in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing strong legal representation to yourself or a loved one who is facing deportation or detention
  • Applying for Cancellation of Removal
  • Handling all immigration waivers impacting your status
  • Locating loved ones that are have been detained
  • Determining what the options are for bail or conditional release from detention
  • Helping you get in touch with a loved one that has been detained

Do not hesitate to reach out to Katona & Associates, PLLC today if you or a loved one is facing immigration detention or deportation.

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Katona & Associates, PLLC understands how challenging it can be to learn that either yourself or a loved one may be deported. Our firm has nearly 20 years of experience proudly representing clients across Manhattan and helping them avoid deportation. For quality legal representation when it matters most, contact Katona & Associates, PLLC today to schedule a consultation.

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