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Immigration is a hot topic in the United States, now more than ever. Whether you are seeking employment in the United States, want to reunite your family, are facing deportation, or are an employer hiring international employees, you need a legal team you can trust. Katona & Associates, PLLC recognizes that any immigration process can be complicated and difficult. Our firm is committed to helping clients across New York City achieve their immigration goals from our office in Manhattan. If you or a loved one needs strong legal representation for any matter related to immigration, contact Katona & Associates, PLLC today to schedule a consultation with our experienced team of attorneys.

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At Katona & Associates, PLLC, we are proud to represent clients facing a wide range of immigration matters. When these matters involve your family, we understand how emotional the process can be and are here to help you navigate every step of the way. Some of the family immigration matters that Katona & Associates, PLLC handles include the following:

Not only does Katona & Associates, PLLC handle family immigration matters, we are also proud to bridge the gap between employers in the United States and prospective employees from around the world. Some of our various employment immigration services include the following:

In addition to family and employment immigration matters, we are ready to help you handle a variety of other areas of immigration law, such as:

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Immigration can be a document-heavy and complicated matter but Katona & Associates, PLLC is here to help. If you or your family are faced with immigration issues, you should contact an attorney to walk you through the process and represent your legal needs or those of your family. Additionally, we are ready to assist if you or your employer needs assistance with the work visa process. When other immigration matters arise, like wanting to gain your citizenship or help a loved one avoid deportation, you can count on us. Contact Katona & Associates, PLLC today to learn how our skilled immigration attorneys can provide you with strong legal representation when it matters most.

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